City Road Communications

Blog- May 2016

London – Future Home of the Tech Giants

Our Silicon Roundabout base and neighbouring Shoreditch have become synonymous with the throngs of twenty-something males flaunting the beard and man-bun ensemble; gourmet adaptations of practically any form of comfort food (although I’m yet to see anyone improve on the humble corned beef pasty); and cocktails served in everything from a mason jar to a…

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Brexit – The Final Countdown


There’s less than one month to go until Britain participates in the most difficult continental vote since the Eurovision Song Contest – the EU referendum. Britain was given the option to remain or leave the European Union as part of a pledge from PM David Cameron’s 2015 general election campaign. The decision came after pressure…

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The Relationship Between Investor and Investment Provider

Ask anyone what makes a good relationship and most responses will orbit around the principles of trust, transparency and open-communication. It is true that these form the foundation of any long-lasting relationship, be it a friendship or as part of a professional business network. The notion of trust is particularly prevalent for relationships formed within…

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City Road Communications – The Big Reveal

Do you remember those home improvement shows from the early noughties, where the presenters of Changing Rooms, Ground Force and the like would pull back a giant curtain, or move a large van for the ‘big reveal’? Well, this is our equivalent. We’ve had a makeover of Laurence Llewelyn Bowen proportions, from revamping our website,…

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Psyche of the Investor Coming Soon – Research to Reveal the Mind-Set and Decision-Making Process of British Investors

Estimates suggest that adult humans make on average 35,000 decisions every day. Indeed, researchers at Cornell University say that each day we make 227 decisions about food alone. From what to wear to work, through to how many cups of coffee to drink, these choices, whether mundane or important, inform the way we live our…

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City Road Communications Launches New Website

It’s all change here at City Road Communications, the marcomms agency formerly known as Mouth to Mouth. We have completed a full rebrand that encompasses our name and entire online presence, but our core values and the quality of the services we provide remain the same. If you follow us on social media (which, of…

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