City Road Communications

Blog- July 2016

Tech City Slickers: Project M


According to this trusty map, there are currently 1,472 companies residing in Tech City. Not all of them have a foosball table in the basement and a hacky sack to throw around during meetings, but a huge number of them definitely fall under the ‘exciting start-up’ umbrella. Given our location next to Old Street’s Silicon…

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You’re Fired! Trump’s Journey from Parody to Republican Candidate

At the end of the EU referendum campaign here in Britain, the team at City Road Comms were slightly worried that there would no longer be any high profile PR campaigns that we could sink our teeth into. A glance across the Atlantic quickly put our fears to rest. The United States is gearing up…

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All Hail the Meme: Why Memes are More Than Just Funny Pictures


Once upon a time there were monosyllabic grunts. Then came primitive drawings and rudimental language, which steadily over time – and we’re talking thousands and thousands of years – evolved into the complicated dialects that we recognise today. Ok, so we’re not exactly historians here at City Road Comms (although our Head of Content, Dom,…

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Breaking up is hard to do, but it doesn’t have to be

Bad breakups are tough. You sulk in your pyjamas, Titanic on repeat, blurbing to Celine Dion over the closing credits… Unless of course, you’re the one that walked away! This is probably the case for most Brexiters; they don’t need no EU, they’re strong, sassy and independent. But what about the small businesses that have…

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