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Engaging with Material: How do Investors like to be Contacted?


At a time when it is becoming increasingly easy to access information, it is more difficult than ever for businesses and content providers to stand out from the crowd. With so many different channels now available to us, how are we to know which is the most effective when engaging an investor with industry updates or information about their prospective returns?

Understanding customers’ attitudes toward the frequency with which information is delivered and the way this material is presented is vital to the success of an investment provider. Keeping an investor engrossed in relevant prospects and surrounding topics will lead to fruitful relationships (a topic discussed in last week’s Investor Psyche blog), as well as a positive investment experience for the individual.

Our upcoming research report, Psyche of the Investor, aims to clear up a number of these riddles. It will reveal what methods of contact investors tend to prefer as well as how the types of content investors engage with changes depending on their demographic.

These timely insights will deliver an overview of investors’ reception of both traditional and digital methods of contact. Moreover, the research will stress the importance of the ways in which an investment provider communicates with a diverse audience of prospective and existing clientele. Additionally, with an increasing number of millennials becoming interested in alternative finance, our report will explore how to capture the attention of the next generation of investors.

Psyche of the Investor will be officially launched next week and, following this, we will regularly be adding to our series of blogs, which will delve deeper to analyse what the research has uncovered.