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Getting Personal: The Importance of Leadership Profiling


When we talk about businesses, we don’t tend to think about the individuals behind them. We think formal; big companies, suits, cold handshakes. However, businesses usually hide fascinating personal stories; ones we love to bring to light because they provide a background to a brand and, sometimes, a damn good inspirational read! We all love to know how others had a great idea, took the plunge and made a success of it.

From a PR perspective, there are various reasons why you should champion the individuals driving a business, not just the company itself. For one, putting a face to a name makes things so much more memorable. Think of Apple and you think Steve Jobs (a college dropout) and of course black turtlenecks. Think of Facebook and you think of Mark Zuckerberg in his college dorm room unwittingly changing the face of the future, and a cupboard filled with nothing but grey t-shirts. Besides making a strong case for dull uniforms, their stories are part of their brand, how we see them and their vision.

The second major advantage to seeing a business leader in the press is that it builds trust. A brand with a face is a brand you feel you know and trust. That’s why here at City Road Comms we make leadership profiling an integral part of the PR strategies we execute for our clients. For example, this week alone we have secured coverage for the CEOs of two companies we work with. The first is Sean McNicholas, CEO of gaming studio Project M, whose journey demonstrates that while you don’t need tech experience to get into gaming, you do need a good eye for what is going on in the industry, a great team, and an insatiable work ethic. After all, you don’t just leave your job in corporate finance and enter an entirely new sector without a game-changing idea and a hefty dose of self-confidence. Sean’s game-changing idea came in the form of Project M’s first mobile game, Dig That Gold, which brings together the virtual and the real world by awarding players with real gold for in-app success. He’s a man whose ideas and experience we think are worth digging deeper into, as did leading industry publications and Bdaily, both of whom published articles on Sean this week.

For a business leader, appearing in the press can also make you a thought leadership in your industry, as Luke Davis demonstrates in this great piece on ‘dividing the equity pie’ in In this article we secured for Luke, the IW Capital and Crowdfinders founder shares his expertise and insight on how SMEs can divide up equity between founders and investors.

Whether it’s building the reputation of a brand, developing trust with a business or sharing expertise with a specific target audience, never underestimate the importance of leadership profiling in the world of PR.