City Road Communications

We love infographics, and here’s why you should too


The team at City Road Comms have been busy this week putting the final touches to a motion infographic for one of our investment provider clients – IW Capital. Titled the SME Heatmap, this piece of interactive content profiles the industries and regions propelling SME investments forward in the UK. Smooth functionality, a modern design and captivating content – without doubt, a sight to behold. But don’t take our word for it; have a look for yourself.

It’s a beauty, isn’t it?! It’s no secret that we pride ourselves on a good infographic, particularly one that packs an informative punch and encourages user engagement. Given that we specialise in investment content marketing and PR, we know that ‘investment’ does not generally conjure images of brightly coloured infographics and exciting, stimulating content – but why should this be the case? We can’t let boring reports and pie charts reign supreme!

Infographics translate words into a vision, condensing seemingly complex messages into a visual that is able to be processed in seconds, not minutes (or, dare I say it, hours). The reality is that humans are a busy bunch who like to process information as quickly as possible.

This is why infographics offer an ideal opportunity for investment providers to convey a message quickly and effectively, especially for a retail audience. This is always easier said than done, which is why you need to be guided by a team of experts that know how your audience likes to receive and digest information. Enter City Road Comms. We are always conjuring up inspiring infographic ideas and exploring new means of presenting information in a dynamic and visual way on behalf of our clients. The SME Heatmap says it all.