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Psyche of the Investor Coming Soon – Research to Reveal the Mind-Set and Decision-Making Process of British Investors


Estimates suggest that adult humans make on average 35,000 decisions every day. Indeed, researchers at Cornell University say that each day we make 227 decisions about food alone. From what to wear to work, through to how many cups of coffee to drink, these choices, whether mundane or important, inform the way we live our lives. In the world of investment, where people must decide whether or not to part with large sums of money, understanding this decision-making process is absolutely vital.

To best attract and serve their clients, investment providers must have a deep appreciation of the different factors that play a part in shaping an investor’s decisions. To that end, City Road Communications has undertaken its own research to provide valuable insight into the ‘Psyche of the Investor’.

To be released in the coming weeks, the research is based on a survey of over 2,000 adults in the UK. The respondents were quizzed on their current investments and the factors that determine their investment decisions. Psyche of the Investor will reveal:

  • The channels that influence an investment decision
  • The reasons an investor would part company with an investment provider
  • How investors like to be contacted about existing investments or investment opportunities
  • Investors’ attitudes towards alternative investments
  • The differences between investors with under £100,000 worth of investments and those with an investment portfolio worth over £100,000

Indeed, as stated above, one of the critical areas explored within the study are the different channels that are influential when making an investment decision, including which news sources investors trust and whose opinions they give credence to. Subsequently, the study establishes which types of publications carry a stamp of credibility and reveals whether or not online search results, the opinions of peers, or the content of research reports impact the actions of investors.

Upon their publication, the Psyche of the Investor report and infographic will showcase the full, in-depth findings of the survey of British investors. Broken down by the respondents’ age group and portfolio size, the study will deliver a comprehensive exploration of exactly how investment providers should be communicating with their target audience.

We look forward to sharing the Psyche of the Investor with you soon.