City Road Communications

Ubamarket: Taking the World of Retail by Storm


At City Road Comms we love all our clients equally – like proud parents, we don’t have favourites and we don’t indulge any one client over the other. However, we want to take this opportunity to shout about one of the newest businesses that we’ve begun working with: Ubamarket.

So, what is it? In short, it’s a supermarket app that saves shoppers both time and money. Or, to use Ubamarket’s own terminology, it’s a magic shopping list. The app enables users to enter a shopping list that is then rearranged, the minute they set foot in the supermarket, into the order in which the items on their list are located in the store. But that’s not all; you can also scan each item with your phone and then check-out simply by tapping your phone on a payment point and paying at the till, removing the need for your entire shopping basket to be unloaded and rescanned.

We came across this amazing start-up earlier in the year and started to execute an all singing, all dancing PR and comms strategy for them in August. At the time, the finishing touches were being made to this mobile solution that had been four years in the making. It was then our job to make sure that everyone – from shoppers to retailers – knew about this app!

Over the past three and a half months we have spread the word far and wide. We started by reaching out to the national and trade press and within days The Telegraph had written a piece that went in print and online. Trade magazines and websites quickly followed, and all before the app was even available to download!

Our next approach was to commission independent market research on behalf of Ubamarket, which examined the top supermarket pet peeves of UK shoppers. Presented in a beautifully designed and well written report (with accompanying infographic), the findings were distributed across the retail industry; this generated yet more trade coverage and ensured that Ubamarket was very much on the radar of all relevant journalists prior to it being launched in-store.

Then came last month’s official launch. And as if the coverage we had already secured wasn’t enough – the traction generated in this stage of our PR strategy was staggering, if we may so ourselves. Three (yes three!) different BBC radio stations interviewed the CEO and Founder of Ubamarket to accompany features exclusively on the app, while a veritable smorgasbord of local press also talked about the first supermarket to make use of this amazing technology. Rapidly snowballing, the press coverage kept on coming, and this week Ubamarket landed on the Mail Online homepage (one of the most read newspapers in the world!) as well as a plethora of other national titles.

To date, after under four months of being on board as Ubamarket’s PR and comms agency, we have secured 40 – yeah, you heard correctly, 40 – hits of coverage encompassing the most prominent national, trade, regional and broadcast channels that meet our client’s target audience. It is a perfect example of when a superb, game-changing product combines with tireless and strategic PR.