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We specialise in creating unique and engaging content which is designed to help our clients secure the attention and respect of their desired audience, not to mention coverage in major press outlets. The content we produce includes research reports, infographics, videos, blogs and more.

Psyche of the Investor

Understanding the mindset of Britain’s investors

COMING SOON! The Psyche of the Investor report analyses what influences investors to make a decision, the information they seek, and the sources they trust. This original research, informed by a survey of over 2,000 UK investors, examines the communications utilised by investment providers to maximise benefits from engagement with this group.

To delve into the investor psyche, click here.

The Power of Research

Every strand of content we create is mapped out in line with the thoughts and actions of your prospect pipeline. Not one word of our industry reports, HTML mailers, blog roll or social output is idle marketing spiel. Instead, by understanding your prospects in line with their financial decisions, we develop editorial content that hits home in the headline. These very insights give your brand a direct attachment to every individual you are communicating with, paying off in the form of a conversion rate that is fast and sustained. We keep your research simple, perceptive and personal, the three qualities that ensure your messages are welcomed as opposed to deleted in a bin of “invest now” jargon.

  • The Taxpayer Sentiment Report

    The Taxpayer Sentiment Report

    A nationally representative survey examining the sentiments of the UK taxpayer towards tax-efficient investments, such as the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS), and their intentions for the 2016/17 financial year.

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  • Sectors that Scale

    Sectors that Scale

    An online, interactive infographic, profiling the most promising SME sectors in the UK that are fuelling our regional economies.

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  • The High-Growth 16

    The High-Growth 16

    A visual report championing the top 16 high-growth industries to watch in 2016 and the companies at the forefront of their respective sectors.

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  • The International Crowdfunding Index

    The International Crowdfunding Index

    An in-depth international study of seven unique crowdfunding markets, the platforms and regulations that define them, and the record-breaking funds raised around the world.

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  • EIS in 2016 – Legislative Changes

    EIS in 2016 – Legislative Changes

    A series of reports to inform high-net-worth individuals of political or regulatory changes that could impact the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS).

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  • The Estate Agent Evalutaions

    The Estate Agent Evalutaions

    Consumer omnibus research to underpin the UK’s pet peeves towards estate agents. By sampling over 2,500 consumers, we were able to identify a nation disenfranchised home-buyers who had been let down by their estate agent.

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  • Crowdfinders' High-Growth 16

    Crowdfinders' High-Growth 16

    An infographic showcasing the 16 most promising companies to watch in the year ahead that are set to take their industries by storm.

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  • The EU Referendum: What Could it Mean for British Businesses?

    The EU Referendum: What Could it Mean for British Businesses?

    An impartial report and factsheet, summarising both sides of the EU Referendum debate from a business and investment perspective.

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  • Pension Intentions - Post Reforms

    Pension Intentions - Post Reforms

    An analysis of retirement financial intentions to give a clear understanding of the motivations of post-reform Pension Britain in April 2015.

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  • SME Heatmap

    SME Heatmap

    An infographic that plots prospective business birth-rates and revenue growth in the next five years, and the industries accelerating SME progression nationwide.

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  • Commodities Index

    Commodities Index

    The Commodities Index tracked the opinions of self-investors towards the performance and projections of alternative investment products, ranging from shipping containers to land, metals and gems.

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  • IW Capital's SME Heatmap 2015

    IW Capital's SME Heatmap 2015

    A report and accompanying infographic delivering a five year forecast of regional SME progression, in relation to business birth-rates and projected revenue.

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What Our Clients Say

City Road Communications has been a fantastic addition to the team, delivering everything they promise. We have a very targeted brief that is high net-worth focused and therefore consultative in its approach. In keeping with this, the team has successfully quantified the value of the content and coverage they generate with tangible metrics. With the help of the City Road team, we now have an external profile that reflects our in-house expertise and success stories, with weekly coverage in the likes of the FT, Forbes and City A.M. I look forward to what we will achieve as a team in the future.

Tariq Attia, Head of Private Clients, IW Capital

The team at City Road has fitted their operation seamlessly into the grain of our business. The coverage we have received has been targeted in line with our desired audiences - investors and SMEs - and the content produced has been articulate, intelligent and well designed. Dormant prospect databases have been reignited since implementing the City Road Comms strategy, and moreover, fresh prospect dialogue is evolving daily. They use a watertight comms strategy that is measured with daily, weekly and monthly schedules, we therefore have a precise grasp on the KPIs delivered, all of which are always met. They’re a great addition to our team.

Luke Davis, Co-founder & Chairman, Crowdfinders