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Blog- June 2016

The Brilliant and The Downright Bizarre – A Roundup of the EU Referendum

Farage Flotilla Alan Partridge

We love good PR, especially when we’re involved. But you can’t beat watching it from afar when it goes wrong, and for many reasons that we’re about to show you, the on-set of Brexit saw it go wrong – a lot. Cue Nigel Farage. It was all going so well for the characteristically brazen UKIP…

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PR and Comms in the EU Referendum: Who got it right, who didn’t?

This morning Britain awoke to the momentous news that the country is to leave the European Union (EU). This was followed swiftly by the Prime Minister’s resignation as the UK’s political landscape changed irrevocably. In his speech announcing that he was to step down, David Cameron described the EU referendum the biggest “democratic exercise” in…

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Read All About It – The CRC Team’s Newsworthy Projects

The City Road Comms team have been preparing a lot of exciting stories for the press this week. So if you are a business, finance, SME, retail or consumer journalist (we know who you are…) keep an eye on your inboxes this week and next! This week, we have helped our clients – Crowdfinders and…

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Announcing the Launch of Tech City Slickers with Appear Here!

Being based in the figurative heart of Tech City – that is, being located just metres away from the inimitable Silicon (or Old Street) Roundabout – brings with it a number of notable advantages. Firstly, part of the brilliant Brewdog team has just moved into the office space above us at City Road Comms HQ;…

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We love infographics, and here’s why you should too

The team at City Road Comms have been busy this week putting the final touches to a motion infographic for one of our investment provider clients – IW Capital. Titled the SME Heatmap, this piece of interactive content profiles the industries and regions propelling SME investments forward in the UK. Smooth functionality, a modern design…

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Engaging with Material: How do Investors like to be Contacted?

At a time when it is becoming increasingly easy to access information, it is more difficult than ever for businesses and content providers to stand out from the crowd. With so many different channels now available to us, how are we to know which is the most effective when engaging an investor with industry updates…

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